Pollution Prevention & Good Housekeeping


This control measure covers a lot of ground. From using best management practices for municipal operations such as equipment maintenance, grounds maintenance and snow removal practices, to administering an employee training program on stormwater management and water quality, to implementing retrofit projects to reduce DCIA, and much much more!

Relevant terms

Retrofit: means a project that modifies an existing developed site for the primary purpose of disconnecting DCIA.


Employee Training

Retrofit program

Municipal operations and maintenance
    This pollution prevention BMP guidance from Minnesota Pollution Control Agency provides fact sheets for model programs for maintaining winter road materials, applying fertilizer/chemicals to park and open properties, reducing pet waste, washing vehicles, and many more.
    Many towns are already doing good work preventing polluted runoff from their own properties, roads and operations. We’d like to highlight some existing practices towns and institutions are using to meet the many aspects of this control measure and we’ll update this page with examples once we start collecting them.

Task list