SWM Plan

Stormwater Management Plan Basics

Each MS4 community must develop a Stormwater Management Plan that will guide its activities under the General Permit. There are 6 Minimum Control Measures that form the basis of what communities must do to manage stormwater and its impacts. Those measures are:

1. Public Outreach and Education

Each MS4 community must identify ways in which it will educate the public about stormwater and its impacts on groundwater, as well as information on how to prevent specific pollutants like nitrogen, phosphorus and bacteria from getting in stormwater runoff.

2. Public Involvement

The public must be made aware of given an opporutnity to comment on the stormwater management plan and any annual reports on an MS4 community's implementation of thet plan.

3. Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

Efforts must be made to identify and eliminate non-stormwater discharges to the storm sewer system. This can include illegal dumping in storm drains, animal wastes, fertilizers, industrial and commercial waste, sewage, etc.

4. Construction Site Stormwater Runoff

MS4 communities must put safeguards in place to prevent runoff of sediment and other materials from construction sites.

5. Post Construction Stormwater Management

This measure focuses on requirements in the way new developments manage stormwater that focuses more on how the developments are designed.

6. Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping

The section addresses both municipal operations (municipal land, facility, and equipment maintenance; salt/sand storage; employee training; etc.) and other efforts aimed to prevent pollutants from entering the stormwater drainage system.