SWM Plan

MS4 Registration

All MS4 towns and institutions must file a registration form with CT DEEP by April 3, 2017 (see registration form below). The following must be included with/in the registration form:
  • Fee: $312.50 (towns), $625 (institutions)
  • Several map layers (in electronic or paper form)- as detailed on the registration form
  • Web address (url) or electronic copy (no hard copies!) of Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP)
  • Certification that the Stormwater Management Plan has been approved by a licensed Professional Engineer (PE)
  • Assurance that the Stormwater Management Plan complies with various state laws

Three things need to be done:

  1. A hard copy of the registration form (NOT including a hard copy of the SWMP) should be sent along with the registration fee to:

    Central Permit Processing Unit
    Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
    79 Elm Street
    Hartford, CT 06106-5127

  2. An electronic copy of the registration form AND either a url link to your SWMP or an electronic copy of your SWMP should be emailed to: DEEP.StormwaterStaff@ct.gov
  3. An electronic AND hard copy of your SWMP must be made publicly available for review (e.g., website, town hall, library, etc.)

Registration Form

The registration form can be viewed below. You can also download the Word version (electronically fillable) or PDF version (not electronically fillable).

For EXISTING MS4 Towns: Click here to get your MS4 Permit Number.

Registration Map Layers

The registration form refers to several statewide map layers. Those layers can be found on our MS4 Map below.
PLEASE NOTE: NEMO is working with DEEP to integrate all of the information from the 2014 Integrated Water Quality report into the impaired waters on this map. This is not yet complete! In the meantime, you can refer to DEEP's impaired waters fact sheets (see section below the map) to complete the impairments information on your registration form.
Tip: Click on the stack/layers icon to turn individual layers on or off.
Click here to view the full screen version

Impaired Waters

CT DEEP has put together water quality fact sheets for each MS4 town. The fact sheets provide information on which waters are impaired and which waters have a TMDL plan applied to them. These can be used to help fill out the impaired waters section of the registration form.

Watershed IDs

We have been receiving several inquiries about completing the watershed table on page 3 of the MS4 registration form. You can get all the information you need from our MS4 Map: the following video tutorial demonstrates how to use the MS4 Map to find your Waterbody Names and IDs.