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Step 3

Become knowledgeable about the various options for stormwater management, particularly site-level low impact development (LID) options, also known as Green Infrastructure.

Low impact development/green infrastructure practices will become your chief tool in responding to an IC-TMDL. Communities must have some degree of familiarity with LID techniques in order to promote and require their use (see Step 5).

Visit the sites below to learn more and to see photos and explanatory videos of LID practices in Connecticut.

videoIconPhoto Gallery

Browse through photos of LID in Connecticut.

bioretention gallery green roofs green streets other paving Pavers
Bioretention Green Roofs Green Streets Other Paving Pavers
Pervious Asphalt Pervious Concrete Rain Gardens Tree Boxes  
Pervious Asphalt Pervious Concrete Rain Gardens Tree Boxes  

A Guided Virtual Tour of LID/GI Practices on UConn's Main Campus

Go on an online guided tour of LID features on the UConn Campus with Dr. Mike Dietz.

lid atlas

National LID Atlas

Use the LID Atlas to visit real world examples from Connecticut and beyond.

jordan cove

Explore LID - Jordan Cove

Explore a nationally known LID research site located on a real Connecticut subdivision.

rain garden

Rain Garden Website

Visit CT NEMO's Rain Garden website.

More Resources

Once in a while we admit that there are other organizations that, occasionally, have some good information on GI/LID. Here are a few that we recommend.