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Step 4 - A Note on Opportunistic Implementation


One key aspect of implementation that emerged in the Eagleville Brook process was the need for, and value of, an opportunistic approach to retrofits.

Like all plans, the Eagleville Plan has a list of actions and timetable for those actions. However, it is recognized by all the partners that LID retrofit opportunities should be undertaken as they arise, as they do regularly in almost all instances of redevelopment or other site work (for instance, work on underground utilities, repaving projects, and landscaping). These opportunities often make retrofitting more cost-effective and should be seized whenever possible, even if a site is not near the top of the priority list. It may also be that a few small, quickly-implemented projects will help to familiarize local contractors, commissioners and others with LID, and that in this way the community can “work out the kinks” before taking on higher priority projects.

This swale is the very picture of opportunism.