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Step 5

Write a watershed plan to help guide implementation.

If you’re responding to a TMDL, your end product is a “Watershed-Based Management Plan.”  To make your efforts eligible for potential funding from the Clean Water Act, this plan has to cover 9 elements listed by the EPA. This is not a mandate, however, to make the plan massive and impenetrable. The document can take a wide variety of forms, and our feeling is that shorter is better. Since an IC-TMDL is somewhat of a different beast, we have annotated the 9 elements with respect to how they relate to an IC-TMDL.

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The list of EPA’s 9 watershed plan elements,
annotated for an IC-TMDL



Below are a few documents that might help you organize your plan:



Sample outline of plan (based on the Eagleville Brook plan)



Eagleville Brook Watershed Based Management Plan



EPA Quick Guide to Developing Watershed Plans



CT DEEP Watershed Based Plan Checklist (in order to be eligible to apply for a Clean Water Act grant)



Other (non-IC) TMDL Plans from Connecticut