Public Education and Outreach

The new permit expands on the requirement for MS4s to implement a public education and outreach program. All MS4s will need to distribute educational material on how the specific topics below impact stormwater quality or conduct equivalent outreach activities. Some specific examples of public education can be found below.

Another great resource is the EPA's Stormwater Outreach Toolbox. You can just type in a topic and it will provide a list of examples of public education on that topic from around the country.

General Stormwater Education Library

All MS4's are required to provide public education and outreach on pet waste, fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides, impervious cover, and the impacts of illicit discharges. Samples for each topic can be found below and modified for use.

Specific Pollutant Library

If any MS4 outfalls empty directly into an impaired waterbody, the MS4 must also provide public education and outreach focused on the pollutants causing the pollution. Sample outreach material covering common sources and activities associated with each pollutant are provided below.