Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control



Construction sites can be substantial sources of pollution to our waterways if stormwater management controls aren't in place. This section of the permit outlines minimum standards for preventing stormwater runoff from construction activities that disturb one or more acres of land.

Relevant terms

Development: means any construction or grading activities to improved or unimproved real estate.

Disturbed area: means an area where the ground cover is destroyed or removed leaving the land subject to accelerated erosion.


Statewide construction site guidance

Under this control measure, towns should require developers, construction site operators and contractors to be consistent with the practices and standards in Connecticut's 2002 Guidelines for Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control and Stormwater Quality Manual.

DEEP Construction General Permit

Communities are required to notify developers that they may have to meet additional stormwater requirements under the CT DEEP Construction General Permit. The construction general permit applies to projects disturbing more than than 5 acres.

Legal Authority

Construction site stormwater runoff control legal authority guidance.

Example Stormwater maintenance declaration from the Greenwich Stromwater Drainage Manual.

Site inspection checklists for stormwater

Example construction site inspection checklist.

Interconnected MS4 letter

Letter template for establishing interagency agreements to control pollutants between interconnected MS4s.

Task list

Most requirements for this section are in effect as of July 1, 2017 for all MS4s but more time is provided for the legal authority component.

Activity Deadline Permit Page

Implement interdepartmental coordination plan

Jul 1 2017


Conduct plan reviews for stormwater control practices

Jul 1 2017


Conduct site inspections for stormwater control practices

Jul 1 2017


Receive public input on development projects

Jul 1 2017


Notify developers of DEEP Construction general permit

Jul 1 2017


Update (or establish) construction site legal authority

Jul 1 2019