SWM Plan

Stormwater Management Plan Examples/Templates

Municipal Template

The Western Region Council of Governments (WESTCOG) worked with NEMO to develop a Stormwater Management Plan Template for its member towns. NEMO has modified that slightly to work for any municipality in Connecticut. The resulting template provides a basic plan that each town can customize to its needs and requirements without a great deal of effort.
Note: The plan still needs to be customized to your town and will still need to be approved by a certified PE. See instructions document (2nd tab) below for more information.

Municipal SWM Plan Template

NOTE: The original version of this template was revised slightly on March 9, 2017. Basically, sections on monitoring and amendments were added. To view a version of the template with the changes highlighted click here.

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Template Instructions

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Institution Example

For the first time state and federal institutions that operate a storm sewer system in CT must also file and implement a SWM Plan. NEMO worked with the UConn Office of Environmental Policy (OEP) to develop a plan for the Storrs Campus and will also make it available here as an example for other institutions to follow. Download Word (.docx) version here (0.5 MB).