Project Team

UConn Students: Emma Saavedra, James Sheridan, Katherine Nee, and RosaLinda Sibilio
UConn CLEAR: Mike Dietz, David Dickson, Chester Arnold, and Amanda Ryan
Town of Cheshire: Steve Johnson, MaryRose, and Pat Bradbury

GSI Installation

Rain Garden

Project Location: East Shore Middle School
Project Construction: Two rain gardens are to be implemented in the northern grassed area of the middle school to collect stormwater runoff from the roof.

The Runoff Reduction Report

This report includes recommendations for green stormwater infrastructure practices at 11 sites in the town of Milford. Each site is displayed with an ArcGIS map of the recommended practice, detailed description of our recommendations, and an informational table. Each table shows an estimated drainage area, our recommended green infrastructure, annual gallons of runoff treated, nitrogen and phosphorus pollution reduction amounts, and the suggested size of each practice. These estimations were calculated based on the drainage area, annual rainfall estimates specific to Connecticut, and literature export values.

Photo Gallery

Milford Project Location