Impervious Surfaces

Impervious surfaces like asphalt, cement and roofing prevent infiltration of rainfall into the soil, disrupting the water cycle and affecting both the quantity and quality of our water resources. In recent years, research has shown the amount of impervious surface in a watershed to be a reliable indicator of the impacts of development on water resources.

NEMO has long been associated with the topic of impervious surfaces, but until now we’ve never collected all our stuff in one place. Well, here it is—along with some of other people's stuff, too.

The Planning & Design section mostly links to existing resources from NEMO and other shops. The Estimating & Mapping section contains summaries of the many methods that we’ve used here at UConn to keep track of impervious surface, with frequent links to the Literature section for those who want more detailed information. And, for those in Connecticut, the Data & Maps section will eventually become a one-stop shopping center for impervious-meisters. Keep checking back, because we intend to improve and expand this site as new information and studies become available.