Training & Workshops

The goal of every NEMO workshop is to give local decision makers some tangible action items toward protecting their municipality’s resources. These actions span a wide range, from revisions to town plans and regulations to specific information about low impact development practices.

NEMO Program faculty work will work with you to ensure that the format and target audience of a workshop help to maximize the chances for positive follow up.

Following are links to our basic workshops and training provided by our four major program areas.  Most workshops are 60-90 minutes long, but we can work with you on tailored time slots. Give either of us a call to discuss dates, details and logistics!


Mike Dietz, NEMO Co-Director

Dave Dickson, NEMO Co-Director

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Land Use & Water Resource Protection

Land use change in Connecticut over the last 30 years, its relation to water resource health, planning and design techniques to reduce the impacts of development.

Low Impact Development/Green Infrastructure Practices

All about LID/GI: the need for it, definitions, objectives, types of practices, examples from around Connecticut, answers to FAQs.

Care & Maintenance of Low Impact Development/Green Infrastructure Practices

Overview of LID/GI followed by information on proper construction and maintenance of various types of practices.

Online Tools to Learn About & Promote LID/GI in Connecticut

CLEAR/NEMO tools to inform you about LID/GI, including:

MS4 General Stormwater Permit: Overview

A review of the newly revised permit and its major provisions, including information on each of the 6 “Minimum Control Measures” required.

Visit the MS4 Website

MS4 General Stormwater Permit: Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination (IDDE)

All about the requirements, issues and techniques involved with IDDE.

MS4 General Stormwater Permit: Mapping Requirements & Techniques

Requirements, examples from Connecticut communities, NEMO online mapping and smartphone mapping techniques that can help.

Rain Garden Construction & Maintenance

This is a hands-on all-day workshop where attendees learn all about rain gardens, and then build one!  Note: our ability to do this workshop is limited and funds must be located for the plants and other rain garden components.

Participants of past rain garden trainings install plants during the field installation.