MS4 Resource Reminder – Week 4

We want to remind everyone that UConn CLEAR is here to assist with your MS4 compliance, both in providing resources to use and acting as a go-to for any questions or issues you may run into. After reviewing the 2021 annual reports, we want to point out some resources that may be helpful in common areas that still need compliance. This week – Minimum Control Measure 6:Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping

    • Interconnected MS4s Letter Template
      • The permit requires coordination between operators of interconnected MS4s. This letter is the first step for establishing interagency agreements to control pollutants between the interconnected MS4s.
      • This guide provides lots of fact sheets for model programs for maintaining winter road materials, applying fertilizer/chemicals to park and open properties, reducing pet waste, washing vehicles, and many more.
    • Disconnection Tracking Spreadsheet
      • This spreadsheet easily allows you to track your retrofits to make sure you are keeping up with your prioritization of projects and overall retrofit plans.
    • Employee Training Webpage
      • This webpage has links and resources to a wide variety of trainings and support for MS4 town staff.