Watershed Protection Strategies

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    Watershed Protection Strategies

    Studies like our Watershed Assessment Tool project have shown that land cover is a critical determinant of watershed health. Of particular importance is the condition of streamside, or riparian, areas. Below are links to some strategies and tools that can be used to protect and/or restore critical areas in the watershed, including riparian corridors.

Quick links to useful tools and sites:

Riparian Corridor Protection Document

Zoning Strategies for Riparian Protection (WestCOG)

This WestCGOG report presents a statewide review of riparian corridor protection measures and suggests strategies for the future.

aerial image of shoreline

State of LID in CT Story Map

An interactive map showing who is using what LID practices


CT sea grant planting guide

Coastal Landscaping Guide

CT Sea Grant describes the functions and values of riparian buffers and how to plant one.

people planting a rain garden

Rain Gardens

Check out NEMO's guide to all things Rain Gardens.