General MS4 Needs Survey

Hi everyone,

We are sending out a General MS4 Needs Survey. You can access it here:


We are at an important point in stormwater management:

  • The current MS4 General Permit expired last July and is expected to be reissued in some form in the near future with additional towns potentially being added to the requirements.
  • The State is releasing a new Stormwater Quality Manual with a heavy emphasis on retrofits, nature-based solutions, LID, and green stormwater infrastructure. It also changes the water quality storm size to reflect new data.
  • Further, municipalities now have the power to establish stormwater utilities and 2 have been established to date in the state.

It will gather information regarding general stormwater management, MS4 stormwater compliance needs, and stormwater utility information from CT municipalities to help the CT NEMO program at UConn CLEAR support municipalities in meeting these challenges. It will also provide the opportunity to give feedback on the MS4 permit. It will take only 5-10 minutes to complete.


Thank you for your time and input.