Fall 2022 Newsletter!

The Fall 2022 MS4 Newsletter is now out! In this edition, you’ll find information about our stormwater utility webinar series, a spotlight on Norwalk and their latest GSI implementation, information about funding opportunities, catchment investigations, and even more resources to assist with your compliance. You can access the newsletter here: https://nemo.uconn.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/1924/2022/11/MS4-Fall-Newsletter-2022.pdf

Gaining Public Support with Your Stormwater Utility: The City of Dover

We will be having our next stormwater utility webinar in a few weeks: Gaining Public Support with Your Stormwater Utility: The City of Dover October 5th, 2022; 1PM EST For our fourth webinar of the series, Gretchen Young PE, the Environmental Projects Manager for the City of Dover, New Hampshire, will discuss the city’s current […]

Stormwater Utility Webinar Series: Trends

Our third installment of the Stormwater Utility Webinar Series is around the corner: Stormwater Utility Trends on Wednesday, June 15th, 2022 at 1PM EST. Dr. Warren Campbell from Western Kentucky University has been collecting and analyzing information on stormwater utilities in the US for 15 years. He has been described as a human encyclopedia of […]

Stormwater Utility Webinar Series: South Burlington

Introducing out next stormwater utility webinar, Starting A Stormwater Utility: Learning from the South Burlington Experience!   In this webinar, the Stormwater Superintendent of South Burlington, VT, Dave Wheeler, will discuss the process of establishing the first stormwater utility in the state. This webinar will provide further detail on various aspects of setting up and […]

Stormwater Pond Retrofit Workshop – Monday, July 26th

UConn CLEAR is holding a Stormwater Pond Retrofit Workshop that will demonstrate how to retrofit existing dry and wet stormwater ponds and bioretention areas to allow for infiltration and/or better pollutant removal. The workshop will be presented by nationally-known expert Dr. Bill Hunt from North Carolina State University on Monday, July 26, 2021, from 9 am to 3 pm […]