Final Report

Jordan Cove Watershed Project 2007 Final Report 

The final report, authored by John Clausen, provides detailed descriptions of the project methods, along with comprehensive results.

Project Brochure

Jordan Cove Urban Watershed Project

This brochure provides a brief summary of the project, with background information, methods and monitoring results.

Fact Sheet

Paired Watershed Study Design Fact Sheet - 1993. Written by Dr. John C. Clausen and Dr. Jean Spooner, North Carolina State University, and reviewed by Steve Dressing, U.S. EPA.

The purpose of this fact sheet is to describe the paired watershed approach for conducting nonpoint source (NPS) water quality studies. The fact sheet describes the statistics used.

Project Specifications

Technical drawings

Various drawings from the project engineer.

  • Map 1 - Boundary Plan
  • Map 2 - Resource Plan
  • Map 3 - Traditional, Lot Layout
  • Map 4 - LID, BMP Study
  • Map 5 - Traditional, Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plan
  • Map 6 - LID, Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plan
  • Map 9 - Traditional, Landscape Plan
  • Map 10 - LID, Landscape Plan
  • Map 11 - Erosion & Sedimentation Control Details
  • Map 12 - Construction Details
  • Map 13 - BMP Details
  • Map 14 - Planting Details


List of References