West Haven

Project Team

Date: Summer 2018
UConn Students: Emma Saavedra, James Sheridan, Katherine Nee, and RosaLinda Sibilio
UConn CLEAR: Mike Dietz, David Dickson, Chester Arnold, and Amanda Ryan
Town of West Haven: David Killeen, Abdul Quadir, and Chris Everone

GSI Installation

Rain Garden

Project Location: Alma E. Pagel School
Project Construction: A rain garden will be implemented in the south-east grassed area facing Benham Hill Road collecting stormwater runoff from the adjacent driveway of Alma E. Pagel School.

The Runoff Reduction Report

This report includes recommendations for green stormwater infrastructure practices at 4 sites in the town of West Haven. Each site is displayed with an ArcGIS map of the recommended practice, detailed description of our recommendations, and an informational table. Each table shows an estimated drainage area, our recommended green infrastructure, annual gallons of runoff treated, nitrogen and phosphorus pollution reduction amounts, and the suggested size of each practice. These estimations were calculated based on the drainage area, annual rainfall estimates specific to Connecticut, and literature export values.

Photo Gallery

West Haven Project Location

Site Design


Rain Garden at Alma E. Pagel School

Project designs were created by the Rutgers University Water Resources Program.

GSI Summary Table

The following calculations display the potential pollutant-reducing benefits if the practices identified within the report were implemented:


Site Location GSI Suggestion Drainage Area (sq. ft.) Annual Gallons Treated Annual Nitrogen Reduction (lb. N/yr) Annual Phosphorous Reduction (lb. P/yr) Suggested Practice Size [6 in. depth] (sq. ft.)
1 Forest Elementary School Rain Garden / Bioswale 10,199 259,416 1.76 0.125 1,700
Rain Garden 1 6,740 171,435 1.67 0.0083 1,123
Rain Garden 2 2,202 56,009 0.381 0.027 367
2 Alma E. Pagels Elementary School Rain Garden 1,600 40,690 0.227 0.019 270
3 Seth G. Haley Elementary Rain Garden 1,230 31,281 0.213 0.015 205
4 West Haven High School Rain Garden 1 4,942 125,690 0.86 0.06 824
Rain Garden 2 793 20,162 0.137 0.009 132


Total IC Disconnected (sq. ft.) Annual Gallons Treated Annual Nitrogen Reduction (lb. N/yr) Annual Phosphorous Reduction (lb. P/yr)
Total 27,706 704,683 5.248 0.2633