Public Involvement and Participation

MS4 towns and institutions are required to give the public a chance to review and comment on their Stormwater Management Plan and Annual Reports. To comply with this MCM, publish a public notice of the plan and report's availability before January 31st each year. This may be done through the town or institution's website, an email/mailing list, or newspaper with general circulation. The Annual Report and Stormwater Management Plan don't have to be posted publically until February 15th.

The notice should include:

  • the name and contact information of a person responsible for collecting comments;
  • the location where a printed copy of the plan or Annual Report is available; and
  • the website where the document can be viewed online, if available.

Extra Credit

Towns and institutions are encouraged to work with local organizations to help them implement their stormwater management plan, although this is not required. Still, local watershed groups, land trusts, school groups, volunteer monitoring groups, and others can be an effective ally in meeting the permit's requirements. Just be aware that the town/institution is ultimately responsible for ensuring the elements of the plan are met.